What is Physician Grade Skincare?
For healthier, more youthful looking skin, Dr. Cotter recommends a twice daily physician or medical grade skin care regimen. These exclusive-to-physician skin care products are only available through a licensed medical provider. Carefully compounded from the most effective ingredients, physician grade skin care products contain higher strength formulations and are therefore able to penetrate to the middle and bottom layers of the skin. Non-medical grade products on the other hand, only work at the skin’s surface, where we shed skin cells and the new skin cells, created in the basal layer, eventually show up.

What to Expect
Physician or medical grade skin care products provide a lasting effect on the skin. When using the appropriate regimen for your individual skin type, you can expect to notice a significant reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sun damage. You may also experience increased skin hydration for a fuller, plumper and more youthful appearance.

Effective skincare does not need to expensive or complicated. To help our patients achieve younger looking skin, Dr. Cotter has assembled a three-tiered skin care regimen incorporating products from the award-winning Revision Skin Care.

SIMPLE skincare system includes a facial cleanser (for your specific skin type), Vitamin C, a broad-spectrum sunscreen and a Retinol and is the foundation for noticeable results. ENHANCED skincare system enriches your results with the addition of DEJ Face and DEJ Eye Cream. ESSENTIAL skincare system addresses specific concerns with specialty products including new Nectifirm Advanced, Hydrating Serum and Revox 7.

You will SEE the results, guaranteed!

Prices range between $35.00 & $129.00

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